We can get anywhere with them. They allow us to visit mysterious places, go walking or fishing. Yes; these are the proposals of KayakShopBG. With its variety of products, the company can make a compelling offer to each of its clients.

Hobie kayaks, featuring a MirageDrive® drive system, allow you to enjoy a fulfilling and emotional experience. No matter if you are out fishing, hunting, taking pictures with the camera, or just taking some time off. The steady configuration of Mirage Drive® kayaks leaves your hands free. All kayaks are equipped with fishing rod stands, luggage compartments and a huge cargo space on deck.

If you are looking for a multi-function, sporting boat for two, come and see the Hobie Mirage® Tandem Island. Tandem Island is a super fast kayak for two. The winding sail can be instantly raised or dropped and the MirageDrive® System provides thrust in low wind or when rowing. The centreboard prevents lateral overturning, and the advanced rudder construction provides you great maneuverability. The stabilizers are easily folded in the housing for easy passage through tight spaces or upon mooring.

The rudder and sails can be controlled from the two places, making Tandem Island ideal for users with different skills. The large luggage space and load capacity open up opportunities for new adventures. Finding new ways to enjoy water is a way of life in Hobie. The latest Mirage Standup Pedalboard is powered by pedals, instead of a paddle. Surfers use the patented MirageDrive® technology.

All of the company's products can be found in Hall 6, Stand C4.