The exhibition "Hunting - fishing, hunting, sports" will again “conquer” the halls of Inter Expo Center

For some people off-road is an emotion, for others it’s adrenaline, for the rest it is a way of traveling. Many people also take it as a way of life. Regardless of which type we are, one thing is for sure - our off-road beast must be reliably equipped and carefully prepared for the heavy "challenges „that we are about to meet on the mountainous roads.

In search of the necessary components, impressive vehicles and necessary camping equipment for the life outside asphalted roads, this year we will embark on an intriguing adventure by attending the exhibition "Hunting - fishing, hunting, sports". The event will take place from 26 to 29 September at Inter Expo Center, bringing together fans of hunting, nature and adrenaline.

Searching for the best

It would be hard to imagine a travel along a muddy and unpredictable forest road without our "Beast" having a winch, isn’t it? Visitors at "Hunting, Fishing, Sport" 2018 will be able to choose among the many offers of 4x4 vehicles and ATVs by Power Winch Bulgaria. The company also offers a variety of air locks and off-road accessories.

Of course, we need to provide the best tires for our machine. We will be able to find them at the stand of Agrina Ltd., specialized in the offer and supply of tires, wheels and off-road accessories. OFFROADSHOP.BG comes here with exclusive deals, offering full off-road vehicle equipment and complete outfits for the lovers of nature and extreme experiences.

One of the hot points of the exhibition will stand under the spotlight. The professionals from Mercedes-Benz will present their Beast – the mind-blowing X-Class. The pickup truck possesses solid power and reliability. It can carry over 1000kg and draw a trailer up to 3500kg. And concerning its off-road capabilities ... A mountainous terrain can be no problem thanks to the latest technology. The pick-up overcomes steep slopes and its clearance is up to 222 mm. Isn’t that cool? In addition to all of this, KayakShop will offer at "Nasluka - Hunting, Fishing, Sport" its kayaks with a MirageDrive drive system.

Campers’ Home

"The exhibition is annually preferred by all camping fans, because here they discover exactly what they are looking for," shared with us visitors from the last edition. This year, Outdoor Trading company will offer adventurers folding tents, mobile packs and a variety of equipment. EXTREME SPORT will join the event with its rich portfolio.

And as it is quite logical for every camper and nature lover to be prepared for any situation, Chunche company will offer knives of the most professional level. The fans of handmade design will be able to choose from the elegant Ego Knives models. Of course, Andonov knives will present their unique items.

The exhibition "Nasluka - fishing, hunting, sport" will bring together fans of hunting and fishing. There will be held again the traditional International Dog Show.



The event where off-roaders can find quality offers, hunters and anglers - a variety of weapons, fishing rods, various tackle, and sports and nature fans -necessary equipment, will unveil its potential from September 26 to September 29 at Inter Expo Center. Everything about "Nasluka - Hunting, Fishing, Sport" 2018 can be found at